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Law Marketing Topics for June 23, 2022

Now is a good time for law firms to educate the public on virtual proceedings.
On June 20, the Connecticut Supreme Court turned back constitutional challenges to three virtual proceedings that terminated or limited the petitioners' parental rights.The trials were all ad .... (Updated June 22, 2022)

Law Marketing Topics for May 3, 2022

Good legal information on cryptocurrency investments is worth its weight in gold.
Law firms with estate planning and wealth management practices should look hard at publishing explainers on the tax consequences of transactions in Bitcoin, Ethereal, and similar cryptocurren .... (Updated May 3, 2022)

Law Marketing Topics for April 27, 2022

Effective dates for recently enacted legislation are a good reason to write again about the new law.
Legislative proposals have several milestones -- all of which provide a good reason to write an analysis for interested clients. Introduction Committee action Votes in either chamber Governo .... (Updated April 27, 2022)

Law Marketing Topics for April 22, 2022

Webinars and CLE conference advertisements are great places to find article topics.
Are you *desperate* for a few good articles for your firm’s blog or newsletter? Then check your email inbox. Advertisements for upcoming webinars and CLE conferences can be great sources of w .... (Updated April 22, 2022)

Law Marketing Topics for April 21, 2022

Editorial calendars often contain publishing opportunities.
Editorial calendars of regional business publications often present publishing opportunities for lawyers with business practices. Yes, editorial calendars primarily advance the publisher’s in .... (Updated April 21, 2022)

Law Marketing Topics for April 20, 2022

Business publications want to hear from you.
Reporters want to write good stories. If you tip them to a good one, they'll write it. And give you credit.American City Business Journals publishes a feature called "The Playbook" in its Tri .... (Updated April 20, 2022)

Law Marketing Topics for April 19, 2022

Be sure that the information available on your firm's website compares favorably to LegalZoom.
Does your law practice compete with self-serve legal services vendors like LegalZoom or Nolo?LLC formation? Startup strategy? Uncontested divorce? Boilerplate contracts? Trademark searches an .... (Updated April 19, 2022)

Law Marketing Topics for April 13, 2022

Law enforcement actions are a great reason to contact clients.
Law enforcement actions are a great opportunity for law firm marketers. Not only do they provide the news peg on which to hang a thought leadership piece, but they also provide a compelling r .... (Updated April 13, 2022)

Law Marketing Topics for April 12, 2022

Mix longer articles in with the quick hitters.
The lead time for most articles is at best one day -- specifically, the few hours available on the day set aside for someone to write the next article for the law firm's blog.And that's OK. B .... (Updated April 13, 2022)

Law Marketing Topics for April 11, 2022

Leverage the work of law enforcement agencies and industry associations.
Every law firm website needs (a) a core set of articles supporting its main practice areas, and (b) ongoing legal content for blog posts, client alerts, and marketing collateral.Deciding whic .... (Updated April 11, 2022)

Law Marketing Topics for April 8, 2022

Regular content creates expectations.
Law firms that venture into content marketing should know this about news publishing: If the firm builds a readership for coverage of a particular legal topic, those readers will expect cover .... (Updated April 8, 2022)

Law Marketing Topics for April 6, 2022

Create a "listening station" to efficiently find legal developments worth writing about.
Consistently coming up with strong topics can be a challenge.Instead of surfing the Internet or waiting for the Muse, do this: Set up a "listening station."A listening station is a list of ne .... (Updated April 6, 2022)