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Law Marketing Topics for October 5, 2022

Timely advice courtesy of Kim Kardashian: Disclose fact that social media influencer messages were compensated.
It seems like just yesterday we were saying that government enforcement actions create content marketing opportunities for law firms.And then this happened: SEC Charges Kim Kardashian for Unl .... (Updated Oct. 4, 2022)

Law Marketing Topics for September 30, 2022

The Department of Justice publishes a list of FOIA exemptions protecting valuable business information.
An article summarizing the numerous federal statutes that exempt information shared with the government from Freedom of Information Act requests works great as a blog post or as pillar conten .... (Updated Sep. 30, 2022)

Law Marketing Topics for September 28, 2022

Large-dollar settlements with government regulators will always draw attention from prospects.
"Does this apply to us?"SEC Charges 16 Wall Street Firms with Widespread Recordkeeping FailuresThe Securities and Exchange Commission just announced that 15 broker-dealers agreed to pay $1.1 .... (Updated Sep. 27, 2022)

Law Marketing Topics for September 26, 2022

The ABA revises model rules for lawyer referral and information services.
Last month the American Bar Association's House of Delegates adopted Resolution 605, which proposes revised guidelines for bar-sponsored and for-profit lawyer information and referral service .... (Updated Sep. 26, 2022)

Law Marketing Topics for September 23, 2022

State supreme courts are a great source of legal marketing content.
The first Monday in October is the beginning of the Supreme Court's term. However, although the cases on the high court's docket are important, they're not necessarily ideal for content marke .... (Updated Sep. 23, 2022)

Law Marketing Topics for September 20, 2022

The recent FTC policy statement on worker rights in the gig economy is worth writing about.
The Federal Trade Commission's recent policy statement on protecting workers in the "gig economy" creates an opportunity, and possibly an obligation, for employer-side law firms to reach out .... (Updated Sep. 20, 2022)

Law Marketing Topics for September 7, 2022

Changes in the law elsewhere create concern everywhere.
Laws that limit the ability of employers to use non-disclosure agreements to prevent employees from revealing unlawful workplace conduct have been in the news this year. Legislative crippling .... (Updated Sep. 6, 2022)

Law Marketing Topics for September 6, 2022

Take advantage of early access to Federal Register materials.
Can't wait to get a jump on your Federal Register reading?You'll be pleased to learn that most Federal Register notices are available one day in advance of official publication in person at t .... (Updated Sep. 5, 2022)

Law Marketing Topics for August 31, 2022

Build trust by explaining the law to prospective clients.
Explainers.An article that departs from the daily stream of news developments to take a deep dive in into a particular topic is referred to by journalists as an "explainer."Have you ever read .... (Updated Aug. 30, 2022)

Law Marketing Topics for August 30, 2022

Write with the reader's interests in mind.
Did you know that 20 states have passed legislation since May 2020 that regulate the use of force by law enforcement officers?Law firms with criminal practices can take advantage of legal ref .... (Updated Aug. 30, 2022)

Law Marketing Topics for August 29, 2022

A change in the law is always a good reason to publish an update.
Any change in the law is a good reason to write a blog post or client alert.In Pennsylvania last week, the state supreme court revised venue rules for medical malpractice cases that will allo .... (Updated Aug. 29, 2022)

Law Marketing Topics for August 15, 2022

The Inflation Reduction Act is on everyone's mind.
The best time to write about legislation is when a bill passes. This is when the slow grind of policy development finally produces fresh law and new compliance obligations for affected entiti .... (Updated Aug. 15, 2022)