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Law Marketing Topics for April 11, 2022

Leverage the work of law enforcement agencies and industry associations.

Every law firm website needs (a) a core set of articles supporting its main practice areas, and (b) ongoing legal content for blog posts, client alerts, and marketing collateral.

Deciding which articles should be written is not always easy. There are two main approaches: (1) content strategy based on the firm's knowledge of the law and its client base, (2) content strategy based on keyword research. Law firm marketers should consider a third approach: content strategy that leverages the publishing priorities of government agencies and industry associations.

Many legal practice areas serve the same constituency as government agencies and industry associations. Not only do these groups have a handle on the pulse of the community, they also have much larger datasets to draw upon than a typical law firm.

For example, the Advocating for Older Citizens page on the Illinois Attorney General's website lists nearly a dozen frequent legal concerns of senior residents in that state. This page is a great place to start for an elder law practice that wants to ramp up its content marketing efforts.

Similarly, the Federal Trade Commission's collection of articles on lawful debt collection practices covers the basics on many issues of interest to prospective clients for a law firm bankruptcy practice.

The publishing priorities of government law enforcement groups are informed by the thousands of calls and complaints they receive each year. They know their constituents' pain points.

Bar associations and industry trade groups are another good source of content ideas. Association meeting agendas are informed by a deep understanding of their members' information needs. The agenda for the recently concluded ABA Business Law Section's spring meeting contains hundreds of hot/emerging legal topics to write about for prospective business law clients (PDF). Meeting agendas and CLE content from established groups have almost always been proposed by a legal expert and vetted by a committee of other legal experts. The legal topics they address are guaranteed to be timely and of interest to current and prospective clients.