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Law Marketing Topics for April 13, 2022

Law enforcement actions are a great reason to contact clients.

Law enforcement actions are a great opportunity for law firm marketers. Not only do they provide the news peg on which to hang a thought leadership piece, but they also provide a compelling reason for firms to reach out to relevant clients (e.g., a client alert) with information that could save them a lot of trouble.

For example, last month the Federal Trade Commission settled a complaint against CafePress alleging that the company unlawfully failed to implement reasonable security measures to protect its customers' sensitive personal information. The FTC also alleged that CafePress unlawfully failed to notify customers of a data breach.

Here's how law firms can use this information.

First, the complaint sets out in detail where the FTC believes CafePress fell short of its legal obligation to provide reasonable security for its customers' personal information. The meaning of the phrase "reasonable security measures" is not obvious. But in the complaint the FTC sets out in detail where CafePress allegedly fell short of that standard. Law firms can, and should, contact their clients with this information and encourage them immediately remedy any similar problems in their own operations.

Second, the FTC's proposed settlement orders (CafePress, PlanetArt) contain a detailed data security framework that the agency believes all businesses should be providing for their customers. If this information doesn't get clients' attention, perhaps the $500,000 fine and 10 years of FTC oversight it imposed on CafePress will.