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Law Marketing Topics for April 19, 2022

Be sure that the information available on your firm's website compares favorably to LegalZoom.

Does your law practice compete with self-serve legal services vendors like LegalZoom or Nolo?

LLC formation? Startup strategy? Uncontested divorce? Boilerplate contracts? Trademark searches and registration?

If so, you can bet that individuals searching for these types of legal services are going to run across LegalZoom et alia before they find your website, if they find your website at all.

When building out content to support a practice area, be sure that the legal information available on your firm's website is at least as thorough as the offerings from low-cost, self-serve legal services vendors. Tailor your information to the local community and state. And don't forget to give a few sentences positioning your firm against the self-serve competition. If there are reasons to choose your firm instead (usually there are several), mention them.