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Law Marketing Topics for April 20, 2022

Business publications want to hear from you.

Reporters want to write good stories. If you tip them to a good one, they'll write it. And give you credit.

American City Business Journals publishes a feature called "The Playbook" in its Triangle Business Journal publication, a regional business news outlet serving the Research Triangle area encompassing Raleigh, Durham, and chapel Hilll, North Carolina.

The Playbook's tagline is "What business owners and executives need to know to successfully grow and protect their businesses." That sounds like something lawyers do.

Here are some of the stories The Playbook has run during the past week:
  • Not all executives are buying in on the return to the office.
  • Restaurants push Senate for more Covid-19 relief funding.
  • The return to the office sparks new confidentiality issues. Many managers aren't prepared.
  • Struggling to build a return-to-office plan? This company let its workers decide.
  • Amid labor shortages, businesses are taking a more proactive approach to college recruitment.
  • Many workers are thinking of 'rage quitting.' Here's how to resign gracefully.
  • More companies are relaxing their drug-testing rules. Here's why.
Does your firm have a labor and employment practice? Or a practice that serves business owners? Can you think of any good business law stories that this reporter might want to write about?

Yes? Then click on any story to get the email address of the reporter. In the email tell, tell him or her what your story is and why you are qualified to comment about it. If you have suggested a truly good story accompanied by an offer to help, your pitch will be irresistible.

Lawyers can do this with any business publication. No need to spend money on advertising or "sponsored content" or any of that stuff. No need to engage a public relations firm. No need to write the article yourself. Your expertise is all that's required.