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Law Marketing Topics for April 21, 2022

Editorial calendars often contain publishing opportunities.

Editorial calendars of regional business publications often present publishing opportunities for lawyers with business practices.

Yes, editorial calendars primarily advance the publisher’s interest in generating advertising revenue — either through paid display ads or “sponsored content” in topically themed issues. But not always.

But the firm's relationship with the publisher doesn’t have to be “pay to play.” Not if it has a strong article in hand.

For example, the 2022 Editorial Calendar for Crain’s Chicago Business publication contains two promising themed issues running later this year:

  • Sept. 5, 2022: “Notable Women in Law” (copy deadline Aug. 25)
  • Dec. 12, 2022: “Notable Gen X Leaders in Accounting, Consulting, and Law” (copy deadline Nov. 10)
Obviously, the firm’s marketers should reach out to Crain’s to find out how to submit a pitch for inclusion of the firm’s attorneys on either of these lists.

Less obvious, however, is the fact that themed issues present opportunities for the firm’s lawyers to submit articles that complement the theme. For example, articles along the lines of “strategies to recruit and retain the best women lawyers” or “what Gen X lawyers look for in a law firm” may very well find a home in either the Sept. 5 or Dec. 12 issues.

It’s worth a phone call or email to find out if the editor would consider an article from someone in the law firm. Be prepared to describe the article in detail and commit to a deadline.