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Law Marketing Topics for April 22, 2022

Webinars and CLE conference advertisements are great places to find article topics.

Are you *desperate* for a few good articles for your firm’s blog or newsletter?

Then check your email inbox. Advertisements for upcoming webinars and CLE conferences can be great sources of writing ideas. These communications almost always contain a bulleted list of discussion topics or panels — every one of which could be the inspiration for an explainer or thought leadership piece.

Think about it. The topics mentioned in these advertisements are:

  • Niched to your practice (or you wouldn’t be receiving them),
  • Addressing current or "on the horizon" legal issues,
  • Selected by a subject-matter expert,
  • Vetted by a steering panel of similar experts, and
  • Approved by a conference promoter willing to bet money that the topics are interesting enough that a sizable number of people will pay the registration fee.
All you need to do is select the topic and customize it to fit your practice, your clients’ needs, and your community. Then get writing.