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Law Marketing Topics for April 4, 2022

Many state legislatures will be passing significant legislation this month.

It's crunch time for many state legislatures. They're soon going to pass legislation of interest to your clients and go home.

The following state legislatures will be adjourning soon:

Georgia April 4
Maryland April 11
Mississippi April 12
Kentucky April 15
Iowa April 19
Maine April 20
Nebraska April 20
Tennessee April 21
Alabama April 25

Eleven other state legislatures adjourned in March. Nine more will adjourn in May. Many more will adjourn soon after that. Even state legislatures that are technically always in session do, in fact, substantially close down in the summer.

For the legal marketer, this means now a great time to check in with the committees working on bills that are important to your clients.

If you don't have time to research state legislative actions yourself, try to leverage the work of others. The state bar association likely has a government relations attorney who watches the state legislature closely. Check the bar's website. Or maybe your section newsletter publishes a regular statehouse feature. Look there.

Finally, pay close attention to the coverage of the statehouse reporter for the largest newspapers in your state. If you're not a subscriber, subscribe and support their efforts. For a free alternative, follow the Twitter account of those papers' reporter(s). They will most likely put out tweets pointing to whatever stories they've recently written.