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Law Marketing Topics for April 6, 2022

Create a "listening station" to efficiently find legal developments worth writing about.

Consistently coming up with strong topics can be a challenge.

Instead of surfing the Internet or waiting for the Muse, do this: Set up a "listening station."

A listening station is a list of news sources that you will consult on a daily basis without fail. Ideally, your list will contain a few dozen information sources that publish news relevant to whatever practice area your writing is supporting. The list might include:
  • A Twitter list that collects tweets from leading attorneys in your practice area; from news reporters; and from industry associations covering relevant legal developments.
  • RSS feeds, Twitter accounts, and email alerts from relevant government agencies.
  • RSS feeds, Twitter accounts, and email alerts from your top competitors (it's good to know what they are writing about).
  • Keyword searches in online court reporting services.
You can maintain your listening station in a Word document, a collection of  browser bookmarks, a page on the firm's intranet, or a dedicated online awareness tool. The capture method doesn't really matter. What matters is that you have a well-thought-out collection of information sources.

Work your listening station every day. Top to bottom. A well-chosen listening station will consistently -- and efficiently -- produce article topics for the firm's content marketing efforts.