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Law Marketing Topics for April 7, 2022

Focus on the prospective client's problems, not your services.

Not every article on the firm's blog has to hit a particular legal service right on the nose. For example, prospective clients for a bankruptcy firm aren't necessarily searching for "bankruptcy lawyer." They might be looking for ways to repair their credit score or researching whether repeated communications from debt collectors are lawful or not. They might be thinking about liquidating assets.

Similarly, good client prospects for an elder law firm are not searching for "elder law firms." Not many anyhow. Instead, they're searching for information on the constellation of legal services that comprise what we've come to call the practice of elder law: Social Security and Medicare benefits, guardianships, power of attorney, tax treatment of real estate transactions, 401(k) distributions, rights of nursing home residents. They might be looking for guidance to help them work through difficult end-of-life issues for a loved one.

Take a moment to see the prospective client's life in full, with all of the challenges and concerns they are attempting to sort through without your assistance. If you can do that, you'll rarely run short of topics to write about.