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Law Marketing Topics for August 16, 2022

Marketers should aim to divide and conquer sweeping legislative enactments.

Sprawling bills like the Inflation Reduction Act are best tackled by legal marketers with a series of articles instead of a single, comprehensive takeout.

This is especially true with modern federal legislation where, it seems, bills that appear destined for passage often attract numerous substantive amendments addressing unrelated legal topics.

It doesn't do anybody any good if the law firm produces a single article breaking down dozens of new compliance obligations across multiple practice groups or regulated industries. Breaking big bills down into smaller analysis pieces increases reader happiness, writer efficiency and editorial quality across the law firm's publication suite.

Reader happiness. Smaller articles on individual topics are niched better to their intended audiences (e.g., readers with health care compliance responsibilities are likely not interested in sifting through a federal tax law discussion to get to the information they're looking for).

Writer efficiency. Smaller articles on individual topics spread the writing workload among the firm's subject-matter experts, yielding better work with shorter turnaround times.

Publication quality. Smaller articles on individual topics can be efficiently distributed to the correct practice group page, client newsletter, or blog.

Smaller is better when it comes to tackling large legal topics.