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Law Marketing Topics for August 29, 2022

A change in the law is always a good reason to publish an update.

Any change in the law is a good reason to write a blog post or client alert.

In Pennsylvania last week, the state supreme court revised venue rules for medical malpractice cases that will allow plaintiffs to file lawsuits in any country in the state. Under rules that had been in place since 2002, medical malpractice plaintiffs were restricted to filing suit in the country where the harm allegedly occurred. The new venue rule takes effect Jan. 1, 2023.

Plaintiff-side personal injury law firms in Pennsylvania will benefit from publishing accurate legal information about this rule change. It's not necessary to write highly opinionated material even if, obviously, a plaintiff-side firm will believe that this particular law is a boon to their clients. Accurate, helpful information will do well SEO-wise and will position the firm as a trusted source of information on matters of concern to prospective clients and the the wider community. Be sure to explain why the change is relevant to clients -- not lawyers.