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Law Marketing Topics for August 31, 2022

Build trust by explaining the law to prospective clients.


An article that departs from the daily stream of news developments to take a deep dive in into a particular topic is referred to by journalists as an "explainer."

Have you ever read a news account of a law-related development and wished that the writer had taken the trouble to explain how the relevant law actually applied to the news? I'm sure you have. It happens all the time. Most journalists do not have legal training. And all of them primarily focused on reporting the latest wrinkle in the story they're writing about. A detailed account of the relevant law is often missing from their stories.

Law firms can fill that void with unbiased, accurate legal information that informs the local community and positions the law firm as a trusted source of advice on the topic.

Here's a great example of an "explainer" from a law firm courting clients for its eminent domain practice.