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Law Marketing Topics for March 28, 2022

Law firm marketers can mine the gap between what should be, but isn't, on local courthouse websites.

For plight lawyers ... there is often an opportunity to create content that provides answers to questions about the legal process that can't be found anywhere else.

Legal practice areas such as plaintiff-side personal injury work, family law, criminal defense, bankruptcy and immigration typically serve clients who are inexperienced in legal matters. They have a lot of questions.

When will my case be heard?

What should I do if I've been involved in a traffic accident?

How long does a divorce proceeding last?

How large a fine can I expect for a first-time impaired-driving offense?

If I plead guilty, can I get the record of my offense expunged?

Most courthouse websites contain very little information addressing the specific concerns that your prospective clients have when facing, often for the first time, an interaction with law enforcement and the legal system.

Take a look at your local courthouse website. Make a list of the important information that isn't there. Experienced attorneys working in local courthouses every day are uniquely qualified to fill this information void in a way that builds credibility and trust -- and attracts clients.