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Law Marketing Topics for March 31, 2022

Make a list of your clients' leading legal worries and keep it handy.

Good marketers never forget these two (admittedly cliched) phrases: "What's in it for me?" and "Benefits not features."

Translated to the law firm marketing niche, these phrases remind content marketers that the purpose of law-related communications to current and prospective clients is to convey news that is important to them. News that is compelling to lawyers may not be interesting at all to their clients. And news that should be compelling to clients must be communicated in a manner that stimulates their interest.

Which headline among the following three headlines is likely most compelling to a business owner?

Legislature Advances Measure Adjusting Alternative Minimum Tax Thresholds

Business Tax Burden to Rise Under New Tax Law

Advance Planning, Fresh Tax Strategy Can Keep New AMT at Bay

The last headline is the good one, right? The first says nothing about the consequences of the new tax law. The second depicts higher business taxes as a fait accompli. The third headline, on the other hand, tells business owners that, with proper legal advice and advance planning, they can take steps to minimize or eliminate additional taxes on their income. The news described in the third headline is empowering and strongly suggestive of the need for legal services.

Make a list of the concerns that motivate your clients and keep it handy. Consult that list whenever you need to decide which legal developments are worth writing about. Then communicate the news in a way that is both relevant and motivating. In other words, say "what's in it for them?"