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Law Marketing Topics for October 3, 2022

Decisions on writing topics depend on the law firm's editorial strategy: thought leadership or search traffic?

What am I doing here?

If you're at a large firm. you're doing what the marketing department tells you to do. You've got a marketing plan, an editorial calendar, a list of topics that should be covered, and a publishing workflow. Life is good. All you need to do is write the article.

If you're at a small or mid-sized firm, the content marketing job is more complicated. You'll need to come up with your own strategy. It's not going to show up in your inbox one morning. You'll need to consider: Am I playing the "thought leadership" game or the "build organic Google traffic" game? You'll need to develop your own client prospect personas. And you might need to research search keywords for those prospects. Or not.

This about it this way: If you've adopted a "thought leadership" strategy it really doesn't matter what the search traffic looks like for whatever keywords your SEO consultant says your prospects are using. If you've got a privacy law practice and the Federal Communications Commission releases new regulations on text message marketing, you're going to be writing about those regulations. The fact that few people are searching on Google for "FCC TCPA compliance" is irrelevant.

If, on the other hand, you've adopted a "build organic Google traffic" strategy then you're going to be tightly wedded to your SEO consultant's keyword research report, producing content that targets the top keywords.

Getting the initial strategy decision right -- and sticking with it on every article -- is one of the most important content marketing decisions a law firm can make. Think of it like a golf shot. You can either lay up or go for the green. But before you strike the ball, you need to know which choice you've made.