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Law Marketing Topics for September 2, 2022

Dispensing "legal advice" online can inadvertently create obligations to website visitors.

Publishing accurate legal information is a good way to establish trust, position the law firm as a thought leader in its field, and attract prospective clients.

Publishing legal advice is a good way to attract trouble by inadvertently creating an attorney-client relationship with website visitors.

Legal information describes an area or law or a news development such as a judicial decision or legislative action in general terms, without reference to a specific person's circumstances. Legal information that appears to be tailored to a specific person -- such as a response to an online submission, or a social media interaction with an individual -- can be the basis for finding a lawyer-client relationship.

Nearly every state bar regulator has published guidance on how lawyers can ethically use the Internet to market legal services. Those rules should be reviewed regularly. The American Bar Association's Formal Opinion No. 10-457 (Lawyer Websites) is also a good resource on the topic.