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Law Marketing Topics for September 20, 2022

The recent FTC policy statement on worker rights in the gig economy is worth writing about.

The Federal Trade Commission's recent policy statement on protecting workers in the "gig economy" creates an opportunity, and possibly an obligation, for employer-side law firms to reach out to clients. The FTC will be a new cop on the workforce beat. It's going to begin scrutinizing labor relations matters from the perspective of unfair competition and consumer protection principles.

Are employers misrepresenting the nature of gig work?

Are employers unlawfully diminishing the bargaining power of gig workers?

Are employers demanding gig work arrangements that diminish competition and harm workers’ wages and working conditions?

The gig economy -- where workers who are not employees provide labor according to contract terms typically administered through apps and Internet platforms -- can be found in nearly every sector of the U.S. economy. Existing contracts and terms of service agreements embedded in gig economy apps will now need to be evaluated against the FTC's analysis of the legal issues raised by such agreements.

Roughly 16 percent of Americans have earned money though gig work, according to the FTC.

The FTC's announcement should spur analysis and thought leadership articles from leading employment firms across the country.