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Law Marketing Topics for September 23, 2022

State supreme courts are a great source of legal marketing content.

The first Monday in October is the beginning of the Supreme Court's term. However, although the cases on the high court's docket are important, they're not necessarily ideal for content marketing efforts by most law firms.

That's because U.S. Supreme Court rulings typically involve esoteric questions of federal law. With some exceptions (obviously), these issues don't impact the many prospective clients who have regulatory compliance issues or life challenges that have legal solutions. The high court's docket also generates a red sea of reporting by large news media outlets, so standing out in search engine results is nearly impossible.

State supreme courts are another matter entirely. These courts decide cases that hit much closer to home for most people. Law firms with personal injury, tax, eminent domain, consumer protection, insurance, real estate development, labor and employment, and criminal law practices can all find important, practice-relevant cases on their state supreme court's docket.

Bonus: Many state supreme court clerks produce summaries of the cases on their docket, so issue-spotting is easy. For example:

Be sure to take advantage of email notification services if offered by the court clerk.