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Law Marketing Topics for September 26, 2022

The ABA revises model rules for lawyer referral and information services.

Last month the American Bar Association's House of Delegates adopted Resolution 605, which proposes revised guidelines for bar-sponsored and for-profit lawyer information and referral services (LRIS). The ABA guidelines now recommend that LRIS programs:
  • be accessible to people with disabilities
  • be open smaller firms and services
  • ¬†mandate legal malpractice insurance for participating lawyers
  • promote diversity
  • protect confidentiality of communications between the LRIS and the person seeking assistance
  • charge fees consistent with the Model Rules of Professional Conduct
  • disclose algorithms used in the selection of referred lawyers
The new guidelines, which must be adopted by a state legislature or court in order to have the force of law, should nevertheless be carefully reviewed by any organization sponsoring or participating in an LRIS service. Not only does the ABA new guidelines establish a set of LRIS best practices to adopt right now, they also suggest strongly how LRIS programs are likely to be regulated in the near future.