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Law Marketing Topics for September 8, 2022

Write with your target market's needs in mind.

The easiest approach to legal content marketing is to write about legal developments in a law firm's leading practice areas. And that approach may work well if the marketer has adopted a "thought leadership" strategy. Thought leadership will attract prospective clients -- but only if the readership is largely attorneys.

What if the law firm's target market is not composed of attorneys? What if the readership for the firm's content marketing efforts is composed of business executives or seniors or first-time homebuyers or parents of students with learning disabilities or persons who have been injured on the job or persons who have fallen deep into debt?

These people do not care about recent court rulings or legislative enactments or the contents of Federal Register, the usual grist for the content marketing mill. These people care about finding solutions to their problems. It's a good idea when courting these prospective clients to make a list of their typical problems and concerns, and then create content that addresses those problems. When writing about a legal development, be sure to discuss the news in terms of whether it creates, or solves, a problem within the law firm's target market.