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Law Marketing Topics for September 9, 2022

Create law marketing content with the prospect's broader concerns in mind.

Prospective clients for, say, a bankruptcy law practice don't necessarily need a relentless stream of content about bankruptcy law. They're interested in other things, and they might not know that there's a bankruptcy filing in their future when they're searching for information.

Prospective clients have a constellation of interests, only one of which might intersect with your law firm's practice areas. To return to the bankruptcy prospect, he or she might be curious about the laws surrounding credit card collections. Or how to shop for a new automobile. Or whether season tickets to college football games are taxable (or part of a bankrupt's estate). If you're marketing services to law firms, then yes, you should create content directly related your particular offering. But law firm decision-makers are also interested in cybersecurity and emerging legal technologies. Good content on these topics will catch the interest of prospects for whatever service you might be marketing to law firms.

The point is: Know your prospects. See them in their entirety, as complex individuals with a wide range of interests and concerns. Market with their broader interests in mind.