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Copywriting services, when offered by website development and SEO firms, are sourced through third-party freelancers or are delivered as licensed versions of work that has already been sold to numerous other law firms.
Law firms can do better. By working directly with Lawyers Media, law firms gain:
  • Original material tailored to the firm’s specific needs and local market
  • Ownership of all written materials under a work-for-hire arrangement
  • Cost savings by eliminating the middleman’s cut
  • Direct control over the writing and editing process
  • Fast turnaround time from initial assignment to live on the Internet
Lawyers Media works with your marketing personnel, on your platform, subject to the same confidentiality agreements and work deadlines as the rest of the development team.

The Challenge of Law Firm Copywriting

Except for blogs, copywriting is everywhere on a law firm website:
  • Legal practice area descriptions
  • Explanations of legal rights and remedies
  • Attorney biographies
  • Lists of representative engagements
  • News of professional awards and honors
  • Mentions of attorney CLE activities
A well-written professional services website uses this content to execute the firm’s marketing strategy. In a brief space, the website must:
  • Describe the nature of the legal services offered by the firm
  • Convey the firm’s competence and breadth of experience
  • Establish that the firm is worthy of trust on an important legal matter
  • Begin a conversation that could lead to the creation of a lawyer-client relationship
The copywriting required to accomplish these objectives can vary from one firm to the next, and even from one practice area to another within the same firm. Prospects for business-related and regulatory compliance services tend to be well-informed, sophisticated consumers of legal services. These prospects are looking for legal talent.

Individuals, on the other hand, are often unaware of their legal rights and may not be aware that there is a legal solution to the problems they are experiencing. Many are experiencing significant stress in their lives, and their motivation for seeking legal information can be complex. 

The copywriter faces unique constraints when conveying to website visitors the value of the firm’s services. Among them:
  • Ethical prohibitions on false and misleading communications regarding legal services
  • Restrictions on the use of testimonials in lawyer advertising
  • Restrictions on the use of superlatives and professional recognitions
  • Restrictions on communications about specialization and certifications
  • Requirements that law firm websites include disclaimers and otherwise take steps to avoid inadvertently creating an attorney-client relationship with website visitors
The extent to which law firm communications are subject to these ethical constraints varies from state to state. Lawyers Media works with the firm’s marketing leaders and/or managing partners to identify and address all ethical compliance issues raised during the website development process. 

Connect Today

If your firm has a website development project that needs fresh copywriting, give Lawyers Media a call. We do this work for a fixed price, based on the amount of editorial material, the deadline, and the difficulty of the subject matter. Lawyers Media produces editorial content under a “work for hire” arrangement, so all content is owned by our customers.

Lawyers Media creates exceptional client-facing communications using the latest technology and the efforts of experienced lawyer-journalists. We help law firms can effectively promote their practices with accurate and easily understandable legal information for any audience.

This page last updated on March 5, 2022.