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Editing and Quality Control

Well-written websites sparkle. Readers notice when care and consistency are evident on every page. They engage longer and more often, drawing positive inferences about how the website publisher handles its other business.

But law firm content gets stale quickly. “Hands off” editing and a succession of writers, over time, can create a patchwork of grammar and style. The law changes too. Content written in 2018 might be inaccurate in 2020.

Also, many search marketers believe that the best way to boost website traffic is to prune under-performing content while enhancing content that already attracts the most attention.

Make Each Article Perform

Lawyers Media editors will improve your existing content by re-working each article to meet the following criteria:

  • Is the article readily understandable by its intended audience?
  • Have changes in the law made the article outdated or otherwise unsatisfactory?
  • Does the article meet Google’s page quality guidelines, particularly the higher standards applicable to “Your Money or Your Life” content such as legal information?
  • Does the article cross the ethical line separating lawful legal information from unauthorized legal advice?
  • Is the article internally consistent with respect to usage and tense? Could it be improved by editing passive sentences into active ones?
  • Does the article conform to the publisher’s style guide, or to any style guide?
  • When the website’s content inventory is viewed in its entirety, are there coverage gaps that should be filled with new articles?
  • Does the article address the needs of its intended audience?
  • Would the article benefit from a narrower, long-tail focus? For example, an article an article on “divorce in Ohio” could be improved by re-focusing it to “divorce in Cleveland” or, better yet, “representing women in Cuyahoga County divorce.”
  • Could the article be improved with readability aids or other editorial enhancements?
  • Does the article clearly explain what the reader should do next to address his or her legal problem?
  • Does the article motivate the reader to do something about his or her legal problem?
Imagine how much better your firm’s website would perform if every page advanced your marketing strategy and sparkled with the polish of a professional edit.

Look Better Online

If your firm is considering upgrading its current content inventory, give Lawyers Media a call. We do this work for a fixed price, based on the amount of editorial material, the deadline, and the difficulty of the subject matter.

Lawyers Media creates exceptional client-facing communications using the latest technology and the efforts of experienced lawyer-journalists. We help law firms can effectively promote their practices with accurate and easily understandable legal information for any audience.

This page last updated on March 2, 2022.