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Editorial Services Overview

Good copywriting is about you, the customer, not us, the service provider. We know that. But we’re going to break that rule just for a moment.

We believe that our customers — lawyers, mostly — are better writers than we are. Lawyers are professional communicators. Language is their stock in trade. They're legal experts who spend their days answering tough questions from clients and judges. And lawyers know their clients’ problems intimately. They meet with clients every day; they know what makes them tick.

However … 

We also believe that good writing, if the writer is a busy attorney, takes time that could be better spent on client service. We don’t know many writers who bill $500/hour.

That’s our business. Lawyers Media does the work our customers are too busy to do. Every writer at Lawyers Media is a law school graduate and experienced legal journalist. We’ve written for a demanding audience of legislators, courts, and attorneys at the best firms in the country. We know the law and we know how to communicate legal concepts to your intended reader — whether that reader is in-house counsel at a Fortune 500 company or a neighbor facing a serious life challenge.

Email Newsletters

Reach out directly to clients and prospects. Lawyers Media can design, write, and distribute email newsletters at your direction. Or we can take on smaller roles, such as proofreading or managing your existing email marketing operation. Learn more.

Current Awareness (Blogging)

Regular reporting on legal developments positions the firm as a trusted advisor in its niche. With Lawyers Media, law firms can claw back valuable time by delegating the writing to experienced journalists. Learn more.

Explainers & Analysis

Long-form content engages site visitors by delivering a completely satisfying answer to their search queries. Bonus: Explainers rank highly in SERPs. Learn more.


Practice area descriptions, legal solutions, professional biographies, awards and recognitions — the “lawyer advertising” portions of a professional website. Good copy converts while complying with ethics rules. Learn more.

CLE Conferences, Webinars & Podcasts

Creating quality written materials to support law firm webinars, podcasts, or CLE presentations is no small task. There is a lot of writing to be done before and after these presentations. Lawyers Media can help. Learn more

We Can Do That

Contact Lawyers Media if your law firm needs help producing polished, professional editorial materials. We work for fixed prices agreed upon in advance, and we don’t stop working until you are completely satisfied. Lawyers Media produces written materials under a “work for hire” arrangement, so all work product is owned by our customers.

Lawyers Media creates exceptional client-facing communications using the latest technology and the efforts of experienced lawyer-journalists. We help law firms can effectively promote their practices with accurate and easily understandable legal information for any audience.

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This page last updated on May 3, 2020.

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