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Explainers and Analysis

Imagine that your online marketing strategy in 2000 called for publishing only content that reflected the same discretion and rigor you apply to your law practice. Imagine you had decided that your website would project the image of the attorney all clients seek: a diligent, thoughtful advocate and business advisor, a person worthy of trust with life’s most important matters.

If you had, your strategy would have aligned precisely with what Google is looking for right now. The time when Google could be tricked into ranking weak content is essentially over. Search marketers today have only two realistic choices: pay for clicks or earn them with comprehensive, genuinely useful articles.

A Good Article, Explained

Recent revisions to Google’s Search Quality Rating Guidelines strongly suggest that Google’s search ranking algorithm will not favor law-related articles that do not, in Google’s estimation, provide high quality information.

What makes a high quality article? According to the latest published guidance, Google is looking for articles that:

  • Match search intent and are designed principally to engage and inform the reader
  • Are created “with a high degree of time and effort, and in particular, expertise, talent, and skill”
  • Are accurate, comprehensive, and clearly communicated
  • Provide evidence of credibility through the use of original research, along with citations and links to supporting information and source documents
  • Reflect overall a high level of expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness 
Google advises publishers of news content that articles “must be accurate and should meet professional journalistic standards.”

We Can Do That

Lawyers Media writers bring decades of legal journalism experience to every engagement. We strive always to convey complex legal issues in plain English, and we work hard to produce writing that reads equally well on mobile devices and desktop screens.
We’re happy to work with marketing agencies and to produce work targeted toward search keywords. However, we believe that the best search marketing strategy is to produce work that, first, comprehensively treats a legal concept or legal problem and, second, strongly suggests that legal representation is the most reliable solution to the reader’s legal concerns. 

Look Good Online

If your firm needs analytical content such as client alerts or explainer articles on legal topics, give Lawyers Media a call. We do this work for a fixed per-article price, based on desired article length, the deadline, and difficulty of the subject matter. Lawyers Media produces editorial content under a “work for hire” arrangement, so all content is owned by our customers.

Lawyers Media creates exceptional client-facing communications using the latest technology and the efforts of experienced lawyer-journalists. We help law firms can effectively promote their practices with accurate and easily understandable legal information for any audience.

This page last updated on March 2, 2022.