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The Case for Email Newsletters

Email newsletters are a direct connection between your law firm and its clients. Would-be clients too. Well-written email newsletters cut through the noise and position the sender as the default first choice for repeat business, new business, and for meeting legal needs that subscribers didn’t know they had.
At a time when other marketing channels are becoming more expensive and less productive, email is getting cheaper, automated, and measurable. Compliance with legal restrictions is largely common sense and, in most cases, built into offerings from the leading email service providers.

Email gets read too. According to email services provider Mailchimp, email open rates for the legal industry and professional services firms are 22 percent and 21.94 percent, respectively. These industries have higher open rates than medical and dental, real estate, music, restaurants, public relations, travel and telecommunications.

The Hard Part

The hard part of marketing through email newsletters is regularly producing the newsletter. (Obviously.) That’s where Lawyers Media can help. Our team of experienced legal journalists has traveled the path from proposal to finished product many times.

1. Define Business Objectives. We work with you to decide which practice areas would benefit from regular communications to clients, past clients, and interested others. This might be an existing practice area, or a new practice area the firm wants to develop.

2. Select Content Set and Editorial Focus. With target readers in mind, we define a set of topics that we believe readers will be interested in learning more about from your law firm.

Information products benefit from having an editorial focus. What is this newsletter about? People are more likely to subscribe to newsletters on clearly defined topics than those on, for example, “news about our firm.” They are more likely to open those emails too.

3. Build Monitoring Database. We next collect sources to monitor for publication-worthy developments. Blogs are a good starting point for those firms already producing them. For other firms, Lawyers Media takes inventory of promising materials the firm might possess or access. We’ll also make suggestions drawn from our database of over a thousand reputable sources of legal and community news.

4. Set Publication Frequency. While some might benefit from a weekly newsletter, others will do just fine with a quarterly publication. 

5. Establish Format. At this point we know our readers, their information needs, and how often we will be communicating with them. Now we can have a constructive conversation about format. Here are a few formats that might be appropriate:

  • A single, “news you can use” article on a recent development in the community or in the courts. Quarterly.
  • A summary of recent legislative activity in the statehouse. Monthly.
  • A summary of local government news (e.g., zoning board actions and matters up for consideration). Monthly, Quarterly.
  • A curated collection of news articles published elsewhere on topics in the content set. Weekly.
  • A curated collection of client alerts on topics in the content set. Monthly, quarterly.
  • An article tied to upcoming legal deadlines that readers might want to know about (e.g., end-of-year planning, filing deadlines, procedures for appealing annual tax assessments, effective dates of new laws). Quarterly.
  • Articles that address unmet, or under-appreciated, legal needs (e.g., representation at real estate closings, drafting end-of-life documents, representing students in disputes with school officials, counseling new business owners). Quarterly.

Email newsletters are great for narrow topics and topics that are not dynamic enough to support frequent blogging.

Law firm news, a local calendar, and any other topic of possible interest can be included within newsletters following any of the above formats.

6. Distribution. Lawyers Media produces HTML-formatted newsletters that can be distributed by most email marketing providers, including Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, ActiveCampaign, Drip, and ConvertKit. Our newsletters look good on all devices.

7. Legal Compliance. Lawyers Media monitors federal and state laws regulating email marketing, as well as state ethical guidelines that can add additional legal compliance burdens for law firms. Although we share that information with customers, we do not provide legal advice.

The Easy Part

If your firm is considering an email newsletter to build better relationships with clients and prospects, give Lawyers Media a call. There’s no charge for an evaluation of your needs and a preliminary price quote. We produce email newsletters for a fixed monthly price, based on the publication schedule, the difficulty of the subject matter, and the extent to which we will be writing newsletter content. Lawyers Media produces editorial content under a “work for hire” arrangement, so all content is owned by our customers.

Lawyers Media creates exceptional client-facing communications using the latest technology and the efforts of experienced lawyer-journalists. We help law firms can effectively promote their practices with accurate and easily understandable legal information for any audience.

This page last updated on March 2, 2022.